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These Springs known as Waitangi, have for centuries been known for their great therapuetic value. The soda waters are also consumed by some who believe them to be of medicinal use. These Natural Springs are of great significance to the Māori people of Rotoehu, Rotoiti and surrounding areas. 

There are two major individual thermal springs, Ngarongoiri and Reihana; the Waiwhero Stream (taking its rise in a nearby swamp) adds fresh water, and the combined flow discharges into Rotoehu.

To the West and on a rise above the springs, perhaps fifteen metres away, was once a thermal hole containing a high level of lethal gas. Traditions speak of birds dropping dead into this pit simply by flying across it.

A man of Ngai Te Takinga, named Reihana, was sent to catch a pig nearby during late 1881 or early 1882. the pig fell into the hole and in trying to recover it Reihana died. His body was later found and retrieved but one of his brothers was almost asphyxiated by the gas in doing so. A carved post was erected near the edge of the hole by Hareti Poihipi, both as a memorial to Reihana and a warning of the danger. At a later date the Pit was competely filled in to remove risk entirely.

An added bonus for those who love astrology on a clear crisp night is the breath-taking sights above of star-gazing to timeless thoughts and wonder.

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